Counseling Unit was established on 15th December 1989 with only two (2) counselors, with its primary objective to provide IIUM students with quality counseling services. Then, in the year 1995 the Counseling Unit was upgraded to Counseling Services Department (CSD) and later changed to Counseling Services Centre (CSC) on 15th March 2010 as part of the transformation plan to align with the mission and vision of IIUM.

In the Board of Governors (BOG) Meeting No. 42 held on 20th October 2015, it was agreed that Alumni & Career Services Division’s functions related to career services were transferred to the CSC. Thus, Counseling Services Centre has changed its name to Counseling and Career Services Centre (CCSC), and ever since then, CCSC has become the backbone of IIUM in providing counseling and career-related services and organizing beneficial programmes to the IIUM community.