Employee Related Services

Employee Related Services

Employee Related Services

  • Psychotherapy & Counselling session

Generally refer to a form of psychological treatment where supervisor/staff meets on work on their issue with the help of a professional counsellor. 





  • Training & Workshop

Conducting training on-site or by online for managers/supervisors and staff/ employees. The primary objective for training to manager/supervisors is to help the dealing with employee issues. For staff/ employees it is to increase productivity, development and cope with stress.

  • Care line

Involve the use of telecommunication and virtual technology to deliver mental care outside the counselling room where the client can make a call throughout the office hour. It aims to provide a brief coping and support in a direct and therapeutic way.


  • Mentoring

The purpose of the mentoring program is to open the door of opportunity for mentor to share their expertise and professional experience and for mentee to gain knowledge, develop skills and competencies. This programme focuses to help staff with continuous learning, increase competencies and to improve image in the organization as accordance with the Public Service’s Basic Mentoring Program by The Public Service Department (JPA) which had been implemented since 2008.


  • Employee Assistance Program (EAPs)

Employee Assistance Program works as workplace mechanisms designed to identify and aid employees who need professional intervention and assistance with problems that frequently impede their job performance and execution. EAP counsellors work with the identification, clarification and prioritization of the problems with recommendations on how to resolve it.