Centre for Languages and Pre-University Academic Development (CELPAD)

Centre for Languages and Pre-University Academic Development (CELPAD)

Welcome to CELPAD’s Publications Page!

This is an initiative aims to highlight publications authored by CELPAD teachers. Discover an array of publications crafted by our dedicated teachers, spanning across various categories. Take a stroll through our Publications webpage to explore our diverse range of publications, and feel free to reach out to the contact person to purchase your desired books. Start your journey into the world of knowledge and enlightenment with CELPAD’s publications today!

If you have published any books, chapters, or other scholarly works, we encourage you to add them here. Simply click on this [link] to submit your publication details.

Before proceeding, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Submissions are accepted only from CELPAD teachers who are the main author or co-author of the book, e-book, chapter, etc.
  • The submitted publication must have an ISBN and be published.
  • While this page is not intended as a platform for selling your book, you are encouraged to include pricing details and your contact information for those interested in purchasing.

Your participation will not only help in promoting your work but also in fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within our community.