Mental illness is a disorder that affect cognitive functioning of human being and may cause changes to the individual process of thinking and behaving. People from any generation may get affected including the children. It becoming worst when the affected person started to have suicidal ideation, intention and attempt. They also tend to do self-harm as the method of coping. Day by day, we received so many cases related to mental health. The most prevalence was depression and anxiety for the past year. 

Given importance to the concern discussed above, mental health policies for the students and staff have been developed by the experts in IIUM. This proposal is to conduct a mental health policy roundtable discussion among the experts in mental health, services provider, Student Union, K/C/D/I/O/M in IIUM who are directly or indirectly encountered students with mental health issues. It is important to receive the ideas and input from the other parties to ensure the smooth and efficiency of the policy that have been developed.

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