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Why should I choose IIUM as a place to further my graduate studies?

IIUM provides graduate academic advancement, create conducive environment for research and publication, and integration of knowledge. IIUM creates an environment, which stimulates and encourages both intellectual and social exchange among postgraduate students, researchers and Kulliyyah members. IIUM have over 4,000 students with more than 30% of them are international students from more than 100 countries.


How do I apply for a postgraduate programme at IIUM?


Prospective candidate is advised to visit the website of Centre for Postgraduate Studies for more information at:



Application for postgraduate programme at IIUM is via online at http://eadmission.iium.edu.my/index.php/student/eas_login.


When can I submit my application for admission to IIUM?

Application for admission is open throughout the year.

September Intake

February Intake

June Intake

Closing date

Closing date

Closing date

June 30th of the year (International)

July 31st of the year


November 30th of the year (International)

December 31st of the year


April 30th of the year (International)

May 31st of the year


For Master of Psychology (Clinical & Counselling) (Coursework), the application opens for semester 1 only and the deadline for application is 30 June of the year.

For more details, please refer to: https://centre.iium.edu.my/cps/application-online/

If you miss the closing date of application for admission into a semester, your application for admission is automatically transferred to the following semester.


What is the minimum academic admission requirement for Master’s or PhD programme in IIUM?


Master’s degree

General Academic Qualifications


A relevant Bachelor’s degree (honors) from the IIUM or any other accredited institution of higher learning; or


Any other certificate that is recognised as equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree (honors) or other relevant professional qualifications and experience that are recognized by the Senate of the University.


Specific Requirement


Obtained a CGPA of 2.75 and above in a related field; or


Obtained a CGPA less than 2.75 but possesses relevant working experience in the field applied. In general, IIUM requires a CGPA of 3.00/4.00. However, admission into the programme is also subject to requirements specified by the faculty / institute (refer to the faculty’s / institute’s website)


The applicants’ experience will be given due recognition by giving credit to the number of years to their non-formal and informal learning. The method of calculation and convergence is as follows:

1 year of experience = 0.05 point

10 years of experience = 0.5 point


Research Proposal

A suitable Research Proposal is required from ‘Master by Research only’ applicants.


PhD Programme

General Academic Requirement


A relevant Bachelor’s degree (as specified in Rules no. 1.1.1 – 1.1.2) and Master’s degree from the IIUM or any other accredited institution of higher learning; or


Any other certificate that is recognized as equivalent to a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree or other relevant professional qualifications and experience that are recognized by the Senate of the University.


Research Proposal

A suitable Research Proposal is required for Ph.D. applicants.

Mature Applicants
1.The applicant must have at least ten (10) years working experience in a relevant field of his postgraduate studies
2.Pass an interview by a panel from the respective Centre of Studies (Kulliyyah)


I am in my final semester of undergraduate programme. Can I apply for admission for postgraduate study at IIUM?

Yes. A final year student of undergraduate programme can apply provided his/her current CGPA meets the programme admission requirement.


How do I find a research supervisor for my study programme?

You can identify a potential research supervisor from the kulliyyah’s/faculty’s website. There is a ‘List of Experts’ listed under each fields of study offered by the Kulliyyah/Faculty / Institute. If you are not able to identify a research supervisor, the kulliyyah/faculty will assign one for you.


I have a Higher National Diploma (HND). Can I use this to apply for a Master’s programme at IIUM?

No. IIUM only accepts a Bachelor’s degree for Master’s programme.


I received an offer letter but I want to change the programme? What should I do?

Yes, you can change the programme. For detail information, please visit this link:


I received an offer letter to study in IIUM by research mode but I would like to do my research remotely. How can I do that?

Yes, you can. For more detail, please visit the following link: https://www.iium.edu.my/centre/cps/remote-supervision


I have received an offer letter to study at IIUM next semester. Can I defer for one semester?

Yes. You can defer to the following semester by replying to the offer via online.


Can I defer my admission to next intake?

Yes.  You may defer the admission to the next incoming intake but not more than 2 semesters or 1 academic year. Otherwise, your offer status will be “REJECTED” and you need to submit a new application to get another offer.

For more information, please visit the following link: https://www.iium.edu.my/centre/cps/deferment-of-study-guides 


I am an international student and I took an IELTS 6 years ago. Is the test score still valid to be used for my application for admission?

No. The validity period for IELTS or any other English Language Proficiency Test score which is equivalent to CEFR should not be more than 5 years.


I am an international student with a degree from a Malaysian university. Can I be exempted from English requirement for admission into postgraduate programme at IIUM?


No. An applicant with a degree from any public / private university in Malaysia will be subject to the English language proficiency requirement. (After consult with CELPAD)


I do not have any IELTS / TOEFL. Can I still apply to IIUM?


Yes. If you meet the academic admission requirements, you will be granted a conditional offer letter. However, you still need to fulfil the English language requirement before you can register in the programme.


Can I take English programme at IIUM if my IELTS / TOEFL does not meet the language requirement?

Yes. You sit for English Placement Test at Centre for Languages and Pre-University Academic Development (CELPAD). For more information, please refer to the following link: https://www.iium.edu.my/kulliyyah/celpad


How can I complete the registration as new postgraduate students?


Registration as new postgraduate students can be completed through IIUM online enrolment. The online enrolment can be accessed to anyone who accepted our offer for the particular active semester. You are advised to refer to the enrolment guidelines at the following link: https://www.iium.edu.my/centre/cps/online-enrollment


I have arrived at IIUM to register as a new postgraduate student, but I have not applied for VAL. Can I still register?


No. An international student must have a valid VAL to proceed with programme registration. You are advised to contact Visa Unit, International Office, IIUM.

For more information, please refer to the following link: https://www.iium.edu.my/office/office-of-international-affairs or email to the following:

General inquiries: visa_unit@iium.edu.my

New application and VAL inquiries: visa_unit2@iium.edu.my


I have just finished my Master’s programme in a Malaysian university and I have been offered a PhD programme at IIUM. Do I need to go back to my home country to apply for VAL?

If you finished your Master’s programme less than 2 months before registration of PhD programme, you can proceed with the registration without leaving Malaysia. For more information, please refer to Visa Unit, International Office at https://www.iium.edu.my/office/office-of-international-affairs or email to visa_unit@iium.edu.my




Can a Masters student convert his study programme to PhD?

A Master’s student who excels in his study can apply for a conversion to PhD programme after 2 semesters.



When can I get my semester result?


You may view your grades at your student portal after all courses being given grades, or two (2) weeks after the final examination of the courses. In case where your marks/grades have not been keyed in within two (2) weeks after the final examination of the courses, you will be given grade as an N.



When can I get my Academic Transcript, Scroll and Letter of Award of Degree/ Senate Completion Letter?


You may collect the Academic Transcript, Scroll and Senate Completion Letter/letter of Award Degree, after you have completed your Clearance Process and after seven (7) working days from the date of the Senate Graduation Committee endorsement. The application form link to apply for the letter will be sent to you, seven (7) days after the SGC endorsement.


How to check my Clearance status?


Student can check their clearance status by accessing this link: Student Clearance system (for GR Student only)
. If you have issue logging in, you can email to pgexam@iium.edu.my 


Where can I get information regarding Convocation?

Graduating students may visit the IIUM Convocation website (convo.iium.edu.my) for information on graduation list, seating, robe collection form and details of the session. The convocation invitation email will be sent within 1 month before the convocation date.


My name is listed for this year Convocation but can I postpone it to the next year Convocation?


You may apply for defer application by writing via email to the Office Deputy Rector (Academic and Internationalisation). If the application for defer is accepted, convocation invitation email will be sent to you.


Can I join the Convocation after collecting of the scroll or degree certificate?


Yes. Those who have collected scroll (degree certificate) are allowed to attend the convocation. You will need to pay for robe deposits (the amount will be announced in the Convocation Website) by preparing Bank Cheque or Postal Order and submit to Finance Counter during robe collection process.


I misplaced my degree certificate, can I get a new one?


Students are not allowed to request for second copy of scroll (degree certificate). However, those who lost it may apply for a new one by submitting police report of the loss to CPS.


I need extra copies of the Academic Transcript. How to go about it?

Students are required to fill in the Request for Academic Transcript, Scroll and Senate Completion Letter Form. The office will prepare it within 3-5 working days and will inform the students via email once it is ready. The fee for second copy of transcript is RM 3.00.


I am graduated from IIUM (registered with Centre for Postgraduate Studies). Can I request for my Academic Transcript to be sent to the other university or institution?


Students can apply via WES or provide CPS with the envelope complete with the details of the recipients. Students are also required to provide us with a copy of the academic transcripts to be sent to the other institution. Any cost must be bore by the students. CPS can also assist with emailing the other institution.



Do you offer scholarships or financial assistantships?


IIUM awards financial assistantship to all qualified Malaysian candidates, especially those who register for their PhD degree. A limited number of assistantships is also awarded to academically excellent international students on a competitive basis. The assistantships cover tuition fee and a recurrent fee for up to six semesters depending on the study programme. For further information on financial assistantship and scholarships, please visit the following : https://centre.iium.edu.my/cps/scholarship/