Centre for Postgraduate Studies (CPS)

“Postgrad is like hiking, sometimes you see the trail clearly, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you fall or stumble upon a rock. Sometime you travel in a group, sometime you are alone. Obtaining you postgrad degree will never be an easy ride. That’s where we come in. For almost 20 years, CPS has stirred to create the best environment for PG students to strike on. Our emphasis is for you to develop your skills and expertise for your own betterment in expending our knowledge. 

At the end of the day, we believe that every progress you’ve made and will make is a significant contribution for the Ummah. So, don’t give up. Stay true to the path you’re taking and gain as much support as you can. Either from us at CPS or from your family and friends.  Know that you are never alone on this journey. One day, you’ll reach the top. But right now, at this moment, you are surely leading the way for the Ummah.”

The video was created by the Centre for Postgraduate Studies which portrays the journey of postgraduates students in the International Islamic University Malaysia.