Centre for Postgraduate Studies

"Maqasid Shari'a as a personal and nation development framework" Sharing Session

Speaker: Prof. Waleed Fekry Faris, Deputy Dean of ISTAC
Date: 31 January 2023 
Description: This is monthly talk of CPS in conjunction with the new year of 2023. It is organized as a kick starter talk to the students so that they can begin their new year with high spirit and motivation.

Benchmarking Visit from University Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), Indonesia delegations to Centre for Postgraduate Studies, IIUM.

Date: 2/2/2023
Description: Benchmarking Visit to IIUM Gombak The purpose of their visit is to discuss with CPS IIUM in exchanging expertise and ideas especially in Teaching and Learning programme.

Education Outing to Kompleks Pengembangan Tenun Diraja Pahang

Date: 17th February 2023
Description: Visit to Kompleks Pengembangan Tenun Diraja Pahang is to give exposure to the International Postgraduate Students on how our National heritage (Tenun Diraja Pahang) is made. The students are amazed with how the clothes are weaved traditionally and learn a lot of new cultural things to bring back as story back to their countries