Centre for Postgraduate Studies (CPS)

EAS System It is a comprehensive system to manage and cater the admission and online enrollment process. The module in the system enable CPS and applicants to monitor the progress of the application online, tracking the evaluation process at the Kulliyyahs via online platform, and administrating the online enrollment for the new students in every semester. For the online application, the Postgraduate students may apply at any time online through our EAS system. Please take note that the application received after the closing date will be offered for our next semester intake. We wish to give the user new experiences during the online application and enrollment process and make it more efficient and reliable access for the new applicants and students all around the world.

The system is used to monitor the research progress of postgraduate students. Student can access the different modules available from setting up appointment with supervisor module to submitting research progress at the end of every semester module.

It is a comprehensive system to manage the submission of research thesis or dissertation, and its evaluation. The different role of Users will enable different modules such as nomination of examiners, submission and tracking of documents to be evaluated and setting up final defense of the thesis or viva amongst others.