Centre for Postgraduate Studies (CPS)

Postgraduate Financial Policies and Procedures

  1. All outstanding fees should be FULLY settled at least two (2) weeks before the pre-registration period, otherwise, students will be barred from registering for the coming semester and seeing their examination result.

  2. The entrance fee will not be refunded in the event the student withdraws from the University.

  3. The Tuition Fee and Related Fees paid will be refunded as follows in the event of withdrawal or study leave: 90% refund: From the first day up to the first month.

    60% refund: From the first month up to the second month. No refund: After the second month of the semester.

  4. During the short semester, the Tuition Fee will be charged according to the credit hour registered and the related fees will be charged half from the normal fees.

  5. For study extension, intake Semester 1 2015/2016 onwards. Students have to pay full research fees plus credit hour fee (if any) and recurrent academics fees during the study extension period.

  6. For study extension, intake before Semester 1 2015/2016. Students have to pay RM 500.00 for Full-time student and RM 250.00 for the part-time student during the study extension period.

  7. International students are required to pay a personal bond at the point of entry and will be refundable after completing their studies. The personal bond rate will depend on their respective home country. For the rate kindly refer to this page

  8. Graduation fee (RM200.00) is compulsory to be paid when students had graduated regardless student attend the Convocation Ceremony or not.

  9. Audit Fees: The fee per credit hour for the audited subject will be half from the normal fee.

  10. Postgraduates who registered Comprehensive Examination will be charged an additional Tuition fee of RM 200.00.

  11. Pre-requisite Subjects: The fee per credit hour for the pre-requisite subject will be charged according to the type of subject registration.

  12. Payment can be made through Refer to this page

  13. The University has the right to revise the fees without notification.

  14. Any inquiries can be made: Refer to this page