IIUM World Debate and Oratory Centre (IWON) provides variety of services offered to students, stakeholders, and external individuals/agencies/institutions. IWON ensures that IIUM students participate in competitive events in debate, public speaking, Model UN and toastmaster and perform up to international standards. To achieve this, IWON conducts weekly and intensive training for those who enter competitive events as well as organises internal competitions among IIUM students. IWON also conducts training that is open to general IIUM student masses to improve their communication skills.

The Centre is equally involved in improving the standard of debates in Malaysia. In achieving this aim, IWON organizes training for school, colleges and universities and debate tournaments that are open to all level. IWON also expands its wings in promoting public debate on policies involving policy makers, NGOs, academics and youths which is inspired by Oxford Union but with IIUM’s own unique brand as an Islamic university, thus making IIUM the first public university in Malaysia to have such program. IIUM has also been instrumental in the establishment of Majlis Debat Universiti Malaysia (MADUM) and has been its longest-serving Secretariat. IWON shares its expertise in all this area with a view to improve the debating standard in Malaysia and the region. Any undergraduate or postgraduate student in IIUM can greatly benefit from the presence of a very vibrant and ambitious oratory community in IIUM that IWON has helped spearhead.