The office of IIUM World Debate And Oratory Centre (IWON) had successfully organized the closing ceremony for the recently held 20th Interschool Debating Championship (IDC) 2023 following the end of out rounds for each categories. The ceremony was held at Banquet Hall, Muhd Abdul Rauf Building with the presence of VVIPs and guests from all over. This ceremony managed to highlight the journey of our fellow young debaters during their time here in IIUM Gombak campus together with prize giving ceremony for winners of each category.

The office of IIUM World Debate And Oratory Centre (IWON) is truly grateful for our hardworking committees and staff for their amazingly continuous commitment and contributions for making this event a huge success. Surely, the office would like to address the diligently working teachers, trainers and alumni as well towards their participation in this 20th IDC 2023 regardless of their packed schedule and commitments.

IWON would also like to congratulate the winners of each category for their achievements. We are looking forward for more of your participation in the future tournaments inshaAllah. We believed that your success definitely worth your skills and performance shown during this tournament and such a success is not achievable without struggles and hardships during training. We ask Allah SWT to bless these efforts and make it continuous in the future inshaAllah.


The office of IIUM World Debate And Oratory Centre (IWON) is back with the new 20th Interschool Debating Championship 2023. This championship hosts 3 different categories which are Arabic, English and Malay languages in the same platform. Participants are gathered to showcase their mastery in each distinct category as well as the debating skills needed to become the champion.

While the debating itself serves most of the excitement, IWON makes sure of some extra steps to nurture and cultivate the true spirit of debating amongst the participants. Registered schools are expected to join debate camp designed equip them with basic and fundamentals of debating. In addition, teachers and trainers are welcomed to join the accreditation workshop which is designed to give exposure to the guidelines in judging and assessing participants.

IWON is taking in huge responsibilities in providing facilities, guidance for the committees and communication with the higher authorities to ensure the success of this championship. Hopefully, this experience serves beneficial to everyone inshaAllah.


IIUM World Debate And Oratory Centre (IWON) would like to express our deepest appreciation to the Arabic Debating And Public Speaking Club (IIUM ADC) for their stunning performance and amazing feat following the recently held 1st Imprint Debates, Imprint Centre For Debates, Bahrain. This tournament was held online with various international team participating from all over the world in the previous September this year.

IIUM ADC team led by Br Abdul Rahman and his teammates Br Muhd Hafiz, Br Raziq and Sr Salsabeel managed to placed 3rd on the group rankings after 5 preliminary rounds. They displayed a consistent high quality skills of debating before winning 3 out of each rounds. Interestingly, their team is the only non-native speakers to make it into the octo-final despite harsh challenges to break into quarter round. Truly, this feat shows dedications and passion that made IIUM worthy of international exposure and platform.

IWON also played an important role towards the success of this team by providing supports and working facilities. This includes the use of IWON training studio that is accessible 24 hours by students involved. Truly, IWON is working hard to make sure the necessities and needs are fulfilled properly thus helping their journey towards success.


The office of IIUM World Debate And Oratory Centre (IWON) has had the chance to participate in the previously held Parlimen Mahasiswa Kebangsaan 2023. This national program was held from the 19th until 25th of August 2023 with participation from amongst the students’ representatives of each campuses all over the country. The participants are involved in several workshops throughout their time here at the IIUM Gombak campus designed to equip them with the necessary skills of debating and public speaking before proceeding to the actual parliament sessions.

The Parlimen Mahasiswa Kebangsaan 2023 is actually an initiative from the Ministry of Higher Education to cultivate the minds of our young future leaders as well as to serve as an effective platform for them to address the current issues pertaining the development of students at national level. Furthermore, the selected motions discussed will be taken into implementation by the end of this program. Surely, we are to expect such an intense atmosphere along the way as representatives voice out their concerns and rebuttal skills upon each other.

IWON sincerely wishes everyone involved benefits and valuable experiences.


IIUM World Debate And Oratory Centre (IWON) has managed to host its most anticipating event of the year which is The Commemoration of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Arif Zakaullah And The Launching of Muhammad Arif Zakaullah Award For Debate Excellence (AZADE) Fund. This event has taken place on the previous August 2023 at the Senate Hall, MAR Building, IIUM Gombak with the presence of guests from all over including alumni, lecturers, students and of course our former and present debaters especially those from the English Debate Club (EDC).

IWON would like to express our utmost appreciation and gratitude to all of our honorable guests and attendees in the said event to commemorate our most dearest and beloved figure in the development of debate and oratory world here in IIUM. It is without a doubt that such an event becomes necessary to address the huge contributions made by the late Prof. Dr. Muhammad Arif during his time serving in IIUM.

IWON had the chance to present a RM100,000 cheque to Madam Kokab on behalf of the late Prof. Dr. Muhammad Arif Zakaullah which has been given by Prof. Dr. Akmal Khuzairy, the Deputy Rector from the Office of the Deputy Rector (Student Development and Community Engagement). It is truly a memorable moment for everyone attending and surely worth to be remembered.

We ask Allah SWT to bless this experience and beneficial to everyone inshaAllah.


IIUM World Debate & Oratory Centre has had the privileges of participating in the recently held Ibadah Camp 2023 together with the rest of offices and staffs under the supervision of the office of The Deputy Rector (Student Development and Community Engagement) making it on of exciting event of this year calendar. This year Ibadah Camp 2023 has taken place on the previous 6th and 7th of September under the theme of Brotherhood and Unity in Islam.

The participating offices include Office of the Deputy Rector (Student Development & Community Engagement), Student Affairs & Development Division, Sports Development Centre (SDC), Counselling & Career Services Centre, IIUM World Debate & Oratory Centre, Entrepreneurship Development Centre, Alumni Relation Division, Residential & Services Department as well as Centre for Credited Co-Curricular making up a total of 9 offices.

The Module conducted emphasizes on Khair-Khalifah, Amanah, Iqra’ and Rahmatan Lil ‘Alamin with several activities include corporate social responsibilites; cleaning with Daya Bersih workers and Rewang for lunch followed by Islamic lecture and tazkirah, qiyamullail, performance night and explorace throughout the 2 days. IWON managed to get placed 2nd on their staff performance out of every offices competing.

We ask Allah SWT to make this experience memorable and beneficial to everyone involved inshaAllah.


IIUM World Debate And Oratory Centre (IWON) is greatly pleased with our young talents’ achievements in the land of Qatar following the recently held 6th International Schools Debating Championship 2023 (ISDC) for this year. This championship is part of an ongoing efforts from Qatar Debate Centre to nurture a debating culture in pursuit of developing the minds of our future leaders from all over the world. IWON has had the opportunity to shoulder the responsibility of providing consultations, trainings and facilities to be used as part of their preparation for the actual championship.

These representatives are actually selected from the previous Interschool Debating Championship organised by us with the help of hardworking and dedicated committees from various clubs under our offices such as IIUM Arabic Debating & Public Speaking Club (IIUM ADC), Kelab Debat Bahasa Melayu (KDBM UIAM) and English Debate Club (IIUM EDC). The team consists of members from two different schools which are SMA (Atas) Sultan Zainal Abidin and Sekolah Maahad Pontian. Br Wan Amzar and Br Abdul Muiz are from SMA (Atas) Sultan Zainal Abidin while the rest being Br Khatib Sulaiman and Br Muhd Hasbi coming from Sekolah Maahad Pontian.

These young talents surely proved their dedication to the art of debating after getting selected into the team and make it past the preliminary rounds with 3 wins out of 5 rounds in total against Kazakhstan, Libya and Germany. They once again proved their hardworks and dedications following the second course of the championship held physically in Doha, Qatar early September this year. Br Wan Amzar managed to ranked first (1st) Best Speaker Overall in the Arabic As A Foreign Language Category (AFL) while Br Abdul Muiz ranked second (2nd) in the same category. This amazing feat is surely product of consistency in training and teamwork at its best.

IWON sees their journey a huge success and wishes them the best in the future competitions inshaAllah.


IIUM World Debate And Oratory Centre (IWON) has managed to provide trainings and consultation sessions for our fellow representatives for the recently held Pidato Kebangsaan Bahasa Melayu Piala Kementerian Pendidikan Tinggi 2023 specifically for the International Students Category. This category allows participation from foreign students to compete and showcase their mastery of Malay Language in a form of a formal, organized and structured speech which cover various topics and multitude of perspectives towards an academic and intellect discussions.

IWON served important role towards preparing our representatives from different nationality and cultural background by constantly checking, consulting and advising them to appear confident, committed and passionate while delivering their speech. Fortunately, our foreign students have the capabilities to catch up quickly to the teachings and guidance provided. They have the privileges of being trained directly by our respectable director; Dr Mazlena Bt Mohd Hussain, lecturer from Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyah Of Laws (AiKOL).

Our representatives include Br AbulGhasim (Sudan) from Kulliyah of Engineering (KOE), Br Res Slamy (Cambodia) from Kulliyah of Economics and Management Sciences and Sr Shahd (Mauritius) from Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyah of Laws (AiKOL) have each displayed a consistent and responsible acts to attend each trainings conducted without miss to better prepare them before the actual competition takes place. They had the chances to perform in front of the judging committees during the preliminary rounds which have been conducted online during which they had assembled and utilised the newly organised IWON Studio as official operating venue.

We are grateful as both Br AbulGhasim and Sr Shahd are qualified to advance to the next round following their explicit performance and commitments. Br Res Slamy on the other hand, despite managing to showcase an equal outstanding performance are sadly not going to advance further due to quota provided to each campuses for the competition is limited to 2 representatives only.

IWON wishes the best of luck for all our foreign students on their next adventure and we surely hope this experience serves them the best of all and benefits them in the future inshaAllah.


IIUM World Debate And Oratory Centre (IWON) would like to express our sincerest congratulations to our amazing representative in the recently held Pidato Kebangsaan Bahasa Melayu Piala Menteri Pendidikan Tinggi 2023; Sr Haura’ Binti Faris from Kulliyah Of Language And Management, IIUM Pagoh Campus. The competition was held in the previous month of August during which the preliminary rounds have been running on online platform to gauge and prepare the finalists onto the final held physically on Islamic Science University Malaysia (USIM).

Sr Haura’ Binti Faris has managed to showcase an absolute stunning performance throughout the competition with her speech titled: “Rona Perpaduan Yang Diidamkan” to which her gentle and soft expression and firm conviction had captured the audience in whole. Sr Haura’ is definitely a talent worth to be explored and her potential was fully recognised by the judging committee as she emerged victorious in the 3rd Place with almost little to no differences in marks from her competitors at the 1st place.

IWON is definitely stunned by this incredible feat and stand affirm that such performance is a product of consistency in training during which Sr Haura’ did with our office as part of her preparation for the said competition. We surely hope this experience serves her the best in further pursuing journey in the oratory world thus benefiting the ummah and the world inshaAllah.


Our heartiest appreciation goes to our representatives from Kelab Debat Bahasa Melayu (KDBM UIAM) for their amazing efforts and stunning achievements in the recently held Pertandingan Debat Alam Sekitar Antara Institusi Pendidikan Tinggi Ke-29 this year. The team consisting of Br Aiman Izdihar, Br ‘Aqil Mujahid, Sr Syahirah Balqis and Sr Hanan Badariah managed to break the preliminary rounds with astounding record of complete winnings from all of 5 rounds held. Their achievement during the first course of the competition surely set a certain standard of our debaters’ capabilities. Their journey continued further on the quarter final as the second course of the competition resumes physically at UTHM, Johor.

Our representatives definitely posed tough challenges for the remaining teams competing despite not qualifying onto the semi final stage. Furthermore, the team member; Sr Syahirah Balqis managed to steal some moments during the closing act as she won the Best Debater Overall for this competition. We surely hope that this memorable experiences serve them benefits and guidance for the future and ummah inshaAllah.