IIUM World Debate And Oratory Centre (IWON) is greatly pleased with our young talents’ achievements in the land of Qatar following the recently held 6th International Schools Debating Championship 2023 (ISDC) for this year. This championship is part of an ongoing efforts from Qatar Debate Centre to nurture a debating culture in pursuit of developing the minds of our future leaders from all over the world. IWON has had the opportunity to shoulder the responsibility of providing consultations, trainings and facilities to be used as part of their preparation for the actual championship.

These representatives are actually selected from the previous Interschool Debating Championship organised by us with the help of hardworking and dedicated committees from various clubs under our offices such as IIUM Arabic Debating & Public Speaking Club (IIUM ADC), Kelab Debat Bahasa Melayu (KDBM UIAM) and English Debate Club (IIUM EDC). The team consists of members from two different schools which are SMA (Atas) Sultan Zainal Abidin and Sekolah Maahad Pontian. Br Wan Amzar and Br Abdul Muiz are from SMA (Atas) Sultan Zainal Abidin while the rest being Br Khatib Sulaiman and Br Muhd Hasbi coming from Sekolah Maahad Pontian.

These young talents surely proved their dedication to the art of debating after getting selected into the team and make it past the preliminary rounds with 3 wins out of 5 rounds in total against Kazakhstan, Libya and Germany. They once again proved their hardworks and dedications following the second course of the championship held physically in Doha, Qatar early September this year. Br Wan Amzar managed to ranked first (1st) Best Speaker Overall in the Arabic As A Foreign Language Category (AFL) while Br Abdul Muiz ranked second (2nd) in the same category. This amazing feat is surely product of consistency in training and teamwork at its best.

IWON sees their journey a huge success and wishes them the best in the future competitions inshaAllah.


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