IIUM World Debate And Oratory Centre (IWON) would like to express our deepest appreciation to the Arabic Debating And Public Speaking Club (IIUM ADC) for their stunning performance and amazing feat following the recently held 1st Imprint Debates, Imprint Centre For Debates, Bahrain. This tournament was held online with various international team participating from all over the world in the previous September this year.

IIUM ADC team led by Br Abdul Rahman and his teammates Br Muhd Hafiz, Br Raziq and Sr Salsabeel managed to placed 3rd on the group rankings after 5 preliminary rounds. They displayed a consistent high quality skills of debating before winning 3 out of each rounds. Interestingly, their team is the only non-native speakers to make it into the octo-final despite harsh challenges to break into quarter round. Truly, this feat shows dedications and passion that made IIUM worthy of international exposure and platform.

IWON also played an important role towards the success of this team by providing supports and working facilities. This includes the use of IWON training studio that is accessible 24 hours by students involved. Truly, IWON is working hard to make sure the necessities and needs are fulfilled properly thus helping their journey towards success.

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