The office of IIUM World Debate And Oratory Centre (IWON) had successfully organized the closing ceremony for the recently held 20th Interschool Debating Championship (IDC) 2023 following the end of out rounds for each categories. The ceremony was held at Banquet Hall, Muhd Abdul Rauf Building with the presence of VVIPs and guests from all over. This ceremony managed to highlight the journey of our fellow young debaters during their time here in IIUM Gombak campus together with prize giving ceremony for winners of each category.

The office of IIUM World Debate And Oratory Centre (IWON) is truly grateful for our hardworking committees and staff for their amazingly continuous commitment and contributions for making this event a huge success. Surely, the office would like to address the diligently working teachers, trainers and alumni as well towards their participation in this 20th IDC 2023 regardless of their packed schedule and commitments.

IWON would also like to congratulate the winners of each category for their achievements. We are looking forward for more of your participation in the future tournaments inshaAllah. We believed that your success definitely worth your skills and performance shown during this tournament and such a success is not achievable without struggles and hardships during training. We ask Allah SWT to bless these efforts and make it continuous in the future inshaAllah.


The office of IIUM World Debate And Oratory Centre (IWON) has had the chance to participate in the previously held Parlimen Mahasiswa Kebangsaan 2023. This national program was held from the 19th until 25th of August 2023 with participation from amongst the students’ representatives of each campuses all over the country. The participants are involved in several workshops throughout their time here at the IIUM Gombak campus designed to equip them with the necessary skills of debating and public speaking before proceeding to the actual parliament sessions.

The Parlimen Mahasiswa Kebangsaan 2023 is actually an initiative from the Ministry of Higher Education to cultivate the minds of our young future leaders as well as to serve as an effective platform for them to address the current issues pertaining the development of students at national level. Furthermore, the selected motions discussed will be taken into implementation by the end of this program. Surely, we are to expect such an intense atmosphere along the way as representatives voice out their concerns and rebuttal skills upon each other.

IWON sincerely wishes everyone involved benefits and valuable experiences.


IIUM World Debate And Oratory Centre (IWON) has managed to host its most anticipating event of the year which is The Commemoration of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Arif Zakaullah And The Launching of Muhammad Arif Zakaullah Award For Debate Excellence (AZADE) Fund. This event has taken place on the previous August 2023 at the Senate Hall, MAR Building, IIUM Gombak with the presence of guests from all over including alumni, lecturers, students and of course our former and present debaters especially those from the English Debate Club (EDC).

IWON would like to express our utmost appreciation and gratitude to all of our honorable guests and attendees in the said event to commemorate our most dearest and beloved figure in the development of debate and oratory world here in IIUM. It is without a doubt that such an event becomes necessary to address the huge contributions made by the late Prof. Dr. Muhammad Arif during his time serving in IIUM.

IWON had the chance to present a RM100,000 cheque to Madam Kokab on behalf of the late Prof. Dr. Muhammad Arif Zakaullah which has been given by Prof. Dr. Akmal Khuzairy, the Deputy Rector from the Office of the Deputy Rector (Student Development and Community Engagement). It is truly a memorable moment for everyone attending and surely worth to be remembered.

We ask Allah SWT to bless this experience and beneficial to everyone inshaAllah.


IIUM World Debate & Oratory Centre has had the privileges of participating in the recently held Ibadah Camp 2023 together with the rest of offices and staffs under the supervision of the office of The Deputy Rector (Student Development and Community Engagement) making it on of exciting event of this year calendar. This year Ibadah Camp 2023 has taken place on the previous 6th and 7th of September under the theme of Brotherhood and Unity in Islam.

The participating offices include Office of the Deputy Rector (Student Development & Community Engagement), Student Affairs & Development Division, Sports Development Centre (SDC), Counselling & Career Services Centre, IIUM World Debate & Oratory Centre, Entrepreneurship Development Centre, Alumni Relation Division, Residential & Services Department as well as Centre for Credited Co-Curricular making up a total of 9 offices.

The Module conducted emphasizes on Khair-Khalifah, Amanah, Iqra’ and Rahmatan Lil ‘Alamin with several activities include corporate social responsibilites; cleaning with Daya Bersih workers and Rewang for lunch followed by Islamic lecture and tazkirah, qiyamullail, performance night and explorace throughout the 2 days. IWON managed to get placed 2nd on their staff performance out of every offices competing.

We ask Allah SWT to make this experience memorable and beneficial to everyone involved inshaAllah.


IIUM World Debate & Oratory Centre (IWON) formerly known as Speech & Interpersonal Communication Enhancement Department (SPICE) started its operation formally in 1996 as a small unit under STADD. Prior to that, debating activities were managed by only two (2) clubs; English Debating Club (EDC) and Kelab Debat dan Pengucapan Awam Bahasa Melayu (KDBM). Since its inception, IIUM gained its reputation as a debate powerhouse both at national and international level. Over the years, by excelling in these areas locally and internationally, IIUM has created a brand name for itself in debate and public speaking with IWON championing the cause of students’ development in these areas. As of today, there are six (6) clubs under IWON; EDC, KDBM, Arabic Debating and Public Speaking Club (ADC), Toastmaster Club, Model United Nations (MUN) and Model Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).