University Civic Engagement Club (UCEC) is a sustainability-centralized initiative that instills the campus sustainability concept. This one-year project strives to empower youth-led movements by providing fundamental knowledge and skill-sets through a pledge campaign, seed funds, tailored workshops and interactive experiences.

UCEC was proudly established in partnership with Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) and International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), delivered to both university communities, especially students, by EcoKnights.
The target audiences are students from USIM and IIUM who are both passionate towards environmental sustainability, as well as those who lack environmental awareness and are keen to learn more about issues and topics relevant to it.

The end goal of UCEC is to build up healthy environment shift in both campuses, initiated and mobilized by students and the campus community members.


For more info, visit: https://thinkactsolve.my