Caklempong is one of the traditional performing arts well-known in Negeri Sembilan. The traditional music of Caklempong originated from Minangkabau, West Sumatera. Caklempong is a set of small ‘gong’ or ‘bonang’ and each one of them has its own specific tone. There are 3 basic set in one Caklempong ensemble, namely ‘gereteh’, ‘saua’, and ‘tingkah’. Caklempong is often played along with ‘Gendang Ibu’and ‘Gendang Anak’, ‘bangsi’ (harmonica), ‘serunal’ (flute), and ‘pupuik’ (a small trumpet-like instrument). However, modern instruments are now included, such as tambourine, ‘kompang’ etc to make it more ‘alive’.

Andeka Caklempong Musical Group of HUM was established on 15 July 2004. Starting from 25 group members and now reaching 70 members, Andeka Caklempong had performed in almost 70 events inside and outside of the IIUM campus. This club has full set instruments which can be played by 18 players in one single event.