Ummul Qura Society is one of the oldest societies in IIUM, which was established for gathering the students who were born in Saudi Arabia especially from the west side of the Kingdom. Al- Muasarah is a period of time held in the west of Saudi Arabia in the present-day. It is the most cosmopolitan region in the Arabian Peninsula. People of Al-Hijaz have the most strongly articulated identity of any regional grouping in Saudi Arabia since the early days of Islam because of multi-ethnic went for Hajj and settled over there. Different contribution from multi-ethnic people to the society has created later a base culture for the region that distinguishes itself from other regions. Moreover, the term ‘Haqqna’ was adopted from a popular slogan in Makkah ‘Makkah Haqqna’ which means ‘Makkah is ours’ similarly in Malaysia concept, ‘1Malaysia’.

However, as IIUM has many students coming from different countries and cultures, some of them would like to explore other cultures. Therefore, Ummul Qura Society seeks to expand its activities by presenting this program which aims to present the history, arts, and performances that reflect Al- Hijjaz region.